About the Artist

Portraitist – Painter – Crocheter – Poet – Designer

Kamina and HusbandHi. I already want to be finished talking about myself. I like to make art. You like it. You follow me. You watch me make it and you click like and it makes me happy THANKS. Sometimes you give me money, DOUBLE THANKS.

I had stage 3 colon cancer in my 20’s, and I’m currently in my third year of remission. Cancer is the worst. Health issues have long controlled my life. Sometimes I cannot grip a pencil. I make art whenever I’m well enough to, and I hope there will always be some way I can create.

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Creator of Aughtinauts Magazine
Featured online at Escape Into Life – (2011)
Featured online at Escape Into Life – (2012)
Featured in The Burro Magazine – Issue 3 (2013)
Featured in Dark Beauty Magazine Issue 24 (2013)