Testimonials Having a good reputation is important to me.

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tina“I was a bit nervous about having maternity shots or belly shots rather but I had seen amazing work by this photographer so I decided to call and set up an appointment. I really wanted my only daughter to be to have these photos of me during my pregnancy with her. It was the best decision ever! Kamina made me feel totally comfortable and made it a point to include my other children in what was going on. I could never have imagined how beautiful the photos would be!! Words cannot describe her incredible talent!”
-Tina Donnaloia (of the best children’s retail shop in the Portland area: http://hoot-n-annie.com & friend)


casey“Kamina Kapow is amazing! She did a maternity session for me. I have never had so much fun, or felt so at ease getting my picture taken. She had many great ideas for poses, avoiding the cheesy cliché ones that a lot of people use. She was open to and excited for my ideas as well. The pictures she chose were absolutely stunning! With her magical editing I looked radiant, instead of bloated and splotchy like I did in the mirror. I can’t recommend her enough.

Kamina did our newborn photos for us. She was incredibly patient with us and our new little person. She came to our house, so we didn’t have to pack a ton of stuff around, we were able to relax and take breaks to care for our baby as needed. A true professional, she thought of everything, even bringing a space heater to keep the little one warm during the shoot. She incorporated aspects of our personalities and our house into the photos, giving them a very personal feel rather than the sterile factory produced studio look. We discussed the poses we both wanted before getting started, always making sure I was comfortable with putting the baby in those positions before starting, and was quick to change focus when one wasn’t working. The pictures we got out of this are stunning, they are all frame worthy. She did posed shots which were great, capturing all those aspects of his tiny little body, such as the layer of fuzz that covered him. She also took quite a few candid shots while we were doing all the little things that need to be done with a newborn. Some of those are just breathtaking, seeing ourselves and how much in love and awe we are with our new baby. You would never get something like that in a studio, or even with someone you weren’t comfortable with. Kamina is a talented photographer and gifted artist; we were privileged to work with her.”
-Casey Kelson (Friend, kick-ass crafter, & mohawk stylist)

tice“‘I have had the privilege of working with the talented Kamina Kapow. She has more creativity and talent in her fingers than anyone i have met in Portland. I have been a full time model in Portland for years and have worked with many talented artists and photographers. Kamina is the perfect combination of both my favorite artist and photographer.
She brings raw emotion into every piece of art work she creates that persuades and demands the attention of her fans. I have no doubt that she will be well known through out the United States if the opportunity presents itself.  If you have the chance to meet Kamina or even the privilege of working with her….don’t pass it up'”
-Stephanie Tice  (Ms Oregon Petite USA 2013)


jenn“Kamina has an uncanny knack for capturing spirits, not just images. I have taken hundreds of snap shots in vain trying to capture what comes so naturally to her. She is wonderful with children which makes all the difference in the world. They truly light up for her.

Aside from being a photographic virtuoso, she’s truly a visionary. She’s shown me raw images she’s taken during our shoots that I think are perfect. Then she edits them and helps them to evolve from pictures to art. She is intuitive. I think that is the thing that I’ve appreciated the most. She gives us the best versions of ourselves while somehow keeping it honest. From my maternity shoot to our 4 generation family portraits, she has given us the gift of preserving these precious memories in a unique way. Not to mention the fact that she always makes me look ten pounds thinner! You won’t find that in the confines of a stuffy portrait studio. I would recommend her to anyone!
Jenn Dashney Longbine (Friend, mom of twins, & musician with the voice of an angel www.jenndashney.com)


Jeeds“Having worked with Kamina for multiple years over several different projects I think the thing that most impresses me about her art & photography is her passion to always do more. More looks, more styles and always more ideas. She is very easy to get along with. She loves brain storming and listens to what people want and personalizes everything she does.
It’s really easy to feel uncomfortable in front of a camera but she manages to make you feel at ease and make it fun. Every time I see the end result of a photo shoot I’m in awe of “wow, that’s me! I look awesome!” She finds beauty and fun in everyone.”
Teeds (My best friend.)


“Beyond her talent, her patience and her attention to the smallest details to obtain perfection, Kamina has a unique way of understanding and capturing the beauty of her subject no matter who, where or how, which makes her the best in my eyes. She has been the only one photographing my family; from family pictures to candid shots of my three girls at school. She created unforgettable memories of my pregnancy. Even though i had known Kamina for a long time there’s always this nervousness about self conscience when a camera is pointed right at my big belly, but that only lasted for a minute as she made me feel very comfortable from the start and I was at her catching eye’s mercy. I could go on and on about how perfect she made my son’s newborn shots by mixing fun and love and making it just PERFECT!”
Ingrid Cutler (Friend & my boss when I taught preschool)